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About Kartan

Kartan Technologies Pvt Limited was founded in 2019. Kartan, with excellent infrastructure and one of the best team, has emerged as a product development company and are keen on developing IoT solutions and SaaS products.

Our products are well suited for the Health Care Industry (IoMT), Hospitality Industry (IoT) and SMBs for their periodical payment collection (SaaS). We are presenting the latest technology to our customers to address their key areas of concern like productivity improvement, end-user experience, and creating affordability to technology business solution environment for even small-sized businesses. Our products assert on operational cost control, thanks to technology, which paves the way to a Smart Business Transformation.


SaaS Products

IoT Solutions

Our Real Heroes of Kartan

Ezhilraj G

Director & CEO

Over 15 years, Ezhilraj has been a front runner of Innovative Software solutions delivered to many global enterprises. With rich experience from diverse profiles he held in various companies, especially roles in New Product Development, Product Marketing, Business Analyst and Branding encouraged him to materialize his passion to start own concern, Kartan Technologies Private Limited.

From Symbian Days, he has been actively involved in the development of various mobile apps by partnering with Samsung India Software Operation(SISO), Flypp (Infosys) and Blackberry.

Ezhil was a founding member of EShakthi, A NABARD project on Digitization of Women Self Help Groups which is a SaaS-based product implemented in 100 districts across India.


Bala Balasubramanian

Mentor / Advisor / Investor

Kartan Technologies is mentored prudently by Bala. With close to four decades of IT experience, his commendable advisory role helps the company to be on its visionary path. Bala founded J&B Software & Karya Technologies, also spearheaded the companies’ growth as Industry Leaders. With over 20 years of work in developing Advanced Payment Processing Solutions at J&B Software, Bala has brought together Innovative Technologies, Business Expertise and Entrepreneurial Skills to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to more than 165 Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies across US and Canada.

This unique accomplishment has made him a very Successful Entrepreneur with a great Vision in embarking on new and niche Ventures. Besides business, Bala relishes Golfing.


Managing Director

Agatthi an Electronics and Communication Engineer turned entrepreneur started her entrepreneurial journey by 2015 as a Co-Founder of Syzygy. She was heading the R&D team and was playing major role in bringing noteable IoT platform using BLE and Sensors. Her commendable skill in general and financial management plays pivotal role in Kartan Technologies.